The 5 Basics of Cross-Season Styling 2023

Bringing together comfort, elegance, and sustainability is the key to transitional or cross-seasonal dressing. Choosing colours that are not season-dominated and choosing fabrics that allow for layering and air circulation is more about being prepared for weather that's starting to shift.

The following are a few things to keep in mind when cross-styling:

  • Take a look at fabric:

  • The importance of this aspect of dressing up cannot be overstated. There are sections for summer wear, winter wear, spring wear, and autumn wear curated by Indian brands and stylists. As a result, linens, cottons, pastel shades, etc. can easily be found in summers, and bright crimson, cool cobalt can be found in autumn collections. To ensure you have comfortable and classic cross-seasonal styling, you should be aware of the fabric you'll be carrying around.

  • It is important to have layers:

  • In terms of styling, well-thought-out layering speaks volumes. A linen shrug or a full-sleeved kurta looks great with jeans and pants. Furthermore, it adds style to your outfit in addition to providing additional coverage.

  • You might want to consider the following classic pairings:

  • With jeans, leggings, or trousers, a shirt dress can be worn for a variety of occasions. Make sure you are more thoughtful when pairing prints with neutrals. You should choose one primary item of clothing and then pair the rest accordingly.

  • Handbags to choose from:

  • With the right pairing, this item completes the entire look. There are umpteen items to choose from depending on one's needs.

  • Footwear that provides comfort:

  • If you are looking for transitional footwear, you have a lot of great options to choose from. Peep-toe or sandal shoes, slip-ons, mules, or even slippers can be worn. The wearer's comfort and elegance should be taken into consideration when selecting them.

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